Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dhat Teri Ki:TERI Story of International Shame and Shamelessness!

When something most unwanted happens, I used to hear my Hindi speaking north Indian friends exclaim some thing which was difficult for me to make out except the middle word. I knew it as some kind of a self abusive phrase and only recently I could make out it in full. 

It is a three word phrase which expressed annoyance. The middle word only has some meaning and in English it meant your or yours. 

Incidentally, I also learn about the existence of some Bollywood film song with this phrase as the title. Thanks to Google and the creativity of Bollywood artists!

But for quite some different reason, a similarly sounding acronym -TERI- which is the name of an internationally famed institute of Indian origin has degraded itself to be synonymous with the Hindi word that I mentioned above. TERI has nothing to do with a good number of people like me in this country. We would not have even known about it had it been doing its activities in the so-called 'green issue' research.

But now it seems that there have been much more sensational activities happening in this institute directly concerning its Director General and some women staff members about which no sane person would take pride! These new revelations of some ugly interior stories gained much negative publicity to this institute and its renowned head!

TERI is an acronym which stood for 'The Energy and Resources Institute. It is headquartered in New Delhi, the Indian capital city. The institute has been founded with the active financial and other supports provided by large Indian corporate houses like the TATA group and also by the Indian government, either directly or indirectly. 

It seems that TERI and its founder director, Mr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, both rose to fame and prominence after the latter, an ex- Indian Railway mechanical engineer of 1958 batch, ventured out as an eminent professor of several apparently unrelated fields such as economics, environment, climate change, administrative policy and the like after he acquired much technocratic career prominence in the Indian Railways. Perhaps the academic qualifications that he acquired from some of the universities in the United States as a serving technocrat helped him to catapult himself to very influential positions!

Later, TERI has also promoted the TERI University with Mr Pachauri as its chancellor.


No doubt, in today's world, effective leadership to get quick results is possible when  those individuals in leadership have better basic instincts and cleverness for manipulating powerful networks and connections. Such individuals are apparently found as quite successful in establishing unquestionable influences at key decision making centers, as compared to others of similar intellectual standings but reluctant in adopting unethical techniques as a matter of principle. 

Most big things in today's world happen due to the manipulative skills of clever leaders!

I would not have bothered to know more about TERI and its Director General in the normal course. But the recent media expose compelled people like me to know more about it. The alleged misdeeds of this man who literally founded and established this institute as a power center of sort and also succeeded in remaining as its unquestionable head for quite a long time was something the common people like me could have ignored! 

Here was a leader who knew his power and influence and apparently used that for self aggrandizement with much impunity for quite some time! At least that is what any one who impartially peruse the media reports might perceive!

Those of the readers who want to know more about the manner in which this eminent person in leadership position acted in disgrace should read this detailed article and analysis titled: Pachauri's TERI: Not a Safe Place for Women!

In short what is it all about? Mr.Pachauri no doubt, has made himself as a man of international eminence and reputation. Born in 1940, he is not an young man any more, but a grand old man. By any Indian or international standards, it would be quite difficult to conceive him as a derailed psycho maniac in matters concerning the weaker sex! But an young lady staffer of his institute took up the cudgels against him to expose his otherwise unknown face to the public causing an avalanche of such allegations from several other ladies who apparently had to suffer the advances of their powerful boss silently!

But the man apparently proved much more powerful and influential than the common folks thought. Despite having a court case filed against him for sexual misconduct at workplace, he escaped all public onslaughts and just recently scored over the complainant by getting promoted to a still bigger role in TERI

Reading the news, I felt uttering the three word Hindi phrase!

Some where out there there are those so-called eminent leaders who are so brazenly shameless that they consider these otherwise shameful allegations as totally baseless! They want the good old man to remain as their undisputed leader! His eminence is so brilliant that such small aberrations should not become hindrance to his leadership, they seem to argue!

Shame is felt only by the uninitiated common folks! Shamelessness is the character of the initiated superior minds!

And that is the morale of the TERI story of international shame, shamelessness and immorality!

And there are reasons for me to believe that this TERI story is not an exception! There are many more Pachauri's in the society who, in my opinion, need immediate psychiatric treatment rather than never ending legal procedures for prosecution.

And how can you prosecute psychic maniacs? But who will bell the cat?